We love our plants and we want you to love our plants too! Plants are living things and they require care and attention. Sunshine Meadows is not responsible for the application of care once plant material has been purchased. We encourage customers to reach out and ask questions if they see that their plants are struggling. Solving little problems before they become bigger problems can save plants’ lives!


Sunshine Meadows does not warranty perennials, annuals, herbs, veggies, tropical house plants, roses or hibiscus. Any hardy tree or shrub planted by Sunshine Meadows will come with a warranty for one full year from date of planting. Plants purchased at a discount do not have a warranty. Routine watering and maintenance of trees and shrubs will be the customers responsibility beyond planting. Blatant neglect, improper watering, environmental damage, insect/ animal or mechanical damage will void the plant warranty. Sunshine Meadows reserves the right to amend or revoke guarantee in the case of plant material neglect or intentional misuse of this guarantee. Any hardy tree or shrub planted by customer will not be warrantied. Warrantied plants must have proof of purchase to honor any cash back or plant exchanges - no receipt = no warranty/return/exchange. Plant exchanges will be honored within 24hrs upon purchase (with a valid receipt) but will be accompanied by a 15% restocking fee.

If there is concern for the health of your plant, please reach out to the nursery right away so preventative measures can be taken.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 518.384.0086

Sunshine Meadows Nursery wants your plants to thrive, not just survive.

Please don’t bring back plant material to the nursery.